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The mission of the MurayKeeper Foundation is to use sports as a platform to better the living standard of the children and youth and support the needy through donors and well wishers.

The vision of the Foundation is to promote sports for development in the remote area with aim of providing entrepreneurial skills and employability opportunities. This will encourage education, soccer talent search and healthy living as well reducing poverty rate and fight for the food security in our communities

As one of the only dedicated orphan charities in the Awasi, MurayKeeper Foundation is working towards creating a better world, not just for our orphans, but for the entire community...

The Foundation helps many children through its soccer programs by emphasizing the core values of Honesty, Respect, Discipline, Integrity, Fun and Innovation.

Your donation, however small, makes a big difference to the lives of these young Kenyans. We greatly appreciate any contribution you can make to help us run these programs throughout the year.​

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