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Muraykeeper Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization conceived through the love of soccer between two founders, one from Kenya and one from Barcelona. The main objective of the Foundation is to use sport as the main tool to develop and support young people in remote areas of Kenya. This is done by fostering entrepreneurial skills, job training, life skills, and health education.

The Foundation seeks out soccer clubs, companies, and individuals to help with financial support and donation of sports equipment to help the Kenyan youth. All sports equipment is packaged and distributed to soccer academies in the neediest communities. Funds raised are used to fund a variety of projects that support sports, agriculture, education and welfare of the community. TSS Football Club donates kit and training equipment to the players in Awasi, as well as provides financial support for ongoing operations at the Foundation.

Part of this is working hard to ensure the solutions we provide our orphans are sustainable. We are dedicated to providing long-term, consistent support to orphan children and their families in need. Our teams are here to ensure the children in our care will grow and develop in their confidence over time and have a chance for a better and brighter future.

As one of the first charities in Awasi dedicated to caring for orphans and providing child sponsorship, our work has made a difference to young lives that may have been lost. We work with some of the poorest countries in the world and provide for the innocent lives caught up in conflicts that bring war and fear to their hometowns.

Our Kenya offices are based in kisumu City and Awasi. As one of the first charities in Awasi dedicated to caring for orphans and providing child sponsorship, we are working towards creating a better world, not just for our orphans, but for the entire community.



Salvador Muray

Salvador Muray and his family are the architects of MurayKeeper Foundation. Residing in a small town outside of Barcelona, both of Salvador's sons are active goalkeepers. Seeing the enormous benefits that soccer brings to the community, they wanted to help the children in Awasi, Kenya through a common love of the game.

"We, as a family, have concluded that football provides values​​ that help us raise children in a healthier environment, taking time for something they love and giving them well-being. Sport is also education. With this idea, we created Muraykeeper Foundation to be able to help the children of Awasi, Kenya, children without resources who need support from our little piece of the world."


Dennis Bosingwa

At only 19 years old, Dennis Bosingwa co-founded MurayKeeper Foundation. An avid goalkeeper himself, Dennis lives in Awasi, Kenya and runs the day to day operations of the Foundation, including much of the coaching in their youth soccer academy. He also looks after 6 orphans in the local community and works tirelessly to provide for the many kids who attend the Foundation's programs. 

"I'm a goalkeeper. Always the strength of a goalkeeper is to oversee, the first coach in the field, to encourage others, to correct, to face and accept challenges, a role model in the field, and the first person to celebrate the victory. This is my drive to make a positive change in my community."

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