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MurayKeeper Foundation is working towards improving the lives of those in our community. Our core mission is to work towards a world where everyone gets the help and respect they deserve. From the orphan children who are neglected, to the widowed women who have lost their rights,  we believe in a world where loving environments are the norm and everyone lives a happier and healthier life.

Muraykeeper has a number of key projects taking place:





Muraykeeper is constructing two small-sided soccer pitches on a two-and-a-half acre parcel secured and developed courtesy of TSS Rovers and Vancouver Athletic FC in Vancouver, Canada. The pitch is designed and projected to serve as the training ground for Awasi Rovers Academy, not to mention used by the community, which needed a pitch.


Muraykeeper imparts athletics skills and doubles up as a channel for empowering the community by ensuring orphans and at-risk children secure education. Through collaboration with well-wishers, schools, and authorities, we have brought children who had previously dropped out of school over fees, orphanages, or child labor back to school.


Children from poor backgrounds must catch up to their counterparts from privileged settings due to a lack of access to reading resources. To mitigate this, MurayKeeper has set up a community library that would offer valuable reading materials and a studying environment. So far, the Foundation has a dynamic library that runs in the evenings after school, at weekends, and during school holidays. However, plans are to expand it to allow for e-resources, more books, and projectors and ultimately set up a free coding school.


MurayKeeper has focused on Soccer for a long time since it’s the most popular sport in the country. However, several other sports and games are gaining popularity in the country e.g. basketball, chess, netball, etc. To ensure all members of the community are fully engaged, we intend to diversify (in the future), our sporting engagements from strictly soccer to other ventures. At the moment we intend to start with chess and basketball where there are already teams and volunteer coaches in place. To achieve this we intend to host chess, badminton and basketball competitions next year during school holidays. This will go a long way in ensuring children exploit their talents fully.



One of our key long-term projects is ensuring the computer literacy of the community. However, in a dynamic and competitive environment, the children ought to be equipped with skills which improve their marketability or foster the entrepreneurial spirit. In line with this vision we plan to set up a free coding school where children can learn computer programming for free using free online resources.


We intend to push the green agenda by setting up a viable tree nursery to promote tree-planting in the Awasi area. Since the Awasi community is in a hard-ship location, it is their responsibility to work with the rest of the globe to promote environmental protection. By planting trees every three months, educating the public, and showing critical climate documentaries, we also hope to instill a culture of environmental preservation among the community's residents.

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